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Aug 19, 2012 10:00pm PDT
in the search among the volunteers mark klass who founded class kids after the abduction and murder of his daughter polly klass. in anaheim memorial service for the two young brothers who died at a church outing in yosemite. the two boys were swept away in the merced river the body of the younger brother not recovered in the mother was injured trying to save her boys. >>> to think of losing a child yet along to the love and sacrifice for her to go after her children >>> the boy's mother cannot attend the service she remains hospitalized with broken bones. the head of the u.s. chemical safety board expects to visit the chevron plant in richmond as an investigation into the recent fire don knapp with how the investigation is headed >>> the chevron refinery lem's along at 65% capacity, investigators examined the damage crude unit number four. the safety board update says investigative work continues through the weekend at the unit where a corroded pipe leaked vapors spewing hazardous gases over richmond 5 workers barely escaped with their lives. >>> if that vapor cloud ignited sooner it would
Aug 9, 2012 6:00pm PDT
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Aug 16, 2012 10:00pm PDT
was >>> this grandparents talked about the filming of american graffiti and appalling klass kidnapping this could be the kids legacy >>> the biggest thing in 35 years i have lived there had never seen the town come together like this before >>> the downtown movie theater pre-empted a movie to show hometown heroes >>> the 500 tickets when fast. >>> 20 bucks for a shirt and 54 at $15 admission it goes to pay for parents to go back to williamsport. >>> wheeler had three days notice to get plane fare and hotel rooms >>> it could be $6,000 per family and the locals wanted help. >>> the atmosphere and the community and it is awesome the adrenaline out the door >>> just like being at the gang but it was pitch black and their work gummy bears. >>> at the game, petaluma representing the western united states scored early and often. who want the crowd speaks for itself. 6-4 against fairfield conn the dreams of petaluma grow large. five more wins to go. school starts monday players will not be there they have a good excuse. in petaluma mike sugerman cbs 5 >>> a young bay area girl makes a stand against worl
Aug 19, 2012 6:30pm PDT
the volunteers mark klass co-founded class kids after his the murder of an abduction of his daughter paula class. the mystery surrounds the cause august 19th, 2002 flames engulfed what was to become san jose santana row. it did $100 million in damage and destroyed 30 apartments, the worst fire in san jose history requiring help from 200 firefighters, the cause was never determined. santa ana row opened two months later. another wrinkle in the doping scandal surrounding melky cabrera what he's accused of doing to cover up his positive test for performance enhancing drug. >>> the home town feel >>> community comes together for a home town little league,,,,,,, >>> the petaluma and little league world series team in action today their second game in the tournament and a national television anne mackovic shows us the date turn out for little leaguers on the big screen. >>> for the second game in the little league world series petaluma packed two movie theaters with enthusiastic fans >>> it is amazing and related home town feel >>> hundreds of people came to watch their home town he rose on the big sc
Aug 7, 2012 5:00pm PDT
with prosecutors klass, more on the refinery fire. it is still burning, hundreds going to the hospital, kron4 is following developments in we're showcasing the best of your photographs. >>pam: and lee has had an earful from the community and announced he is ditching his plan to institute a status of foreign dan kerman tells us what the mayor is planning to do as an alternative. >> we will not be implementing the stop and frisk program or variations of that. >> surrounded by coalition of leaders and law enforcement, the mayor said instead of stopping and frisking, the city would launch a three hall but to reduce violence. >> we have to step back. >> interrupt seeks to stop the pattern of bad behavior by having police focus on specific areas it target nearly 200 non offenders with a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any violation. what >> we will be tried to get people off the streets for as long as we can weather it is in county jail or prison. >> step 2 is called predict. the is the best technology possible to gather intelligence on where crimes will have been. step three is called organ
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5